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The Art of Good Writing +6 Easy Elements You Can Use

Writing is one of the greatest skills in this world. Writing is just like creating something from your thoughts and ideas. And it continuously evolves. The art of good writing is mastered by very few people but still, you can always learn that. I know you have a great notion in your mind and only a few people can master the art of writing. Many new people struggle with writing and it can seem like a real challenge to improve when you want to learn how to write. If you tell people that you are going to write something they assume you are becoming a poet, fictional writer and in India, mostly thinks you are trying to Parnassian. Writing is a skill that can be learned by writing only. Writing is mainly about articulating your ideas, opinions in manifestation somewhere in pages or digital documents. In starting express whatever thoughts and ideas come to your mind. Do you know that the best writers are the best readers who have a variety of interests and master many skills? You will see that a great writer wrote about their experiences. Our minds are great computers and by creating and writing we can communicate our thoughts. Good writing is simply a matter of taking previous pieces of knowledge and putting them together in a unique and different format. The more you store experiences and knowledge the more you are able to interrelate that knowledge and come up with new combinations of old material. It’s all a mental process.

Here are 6 easy elements for you to write your first draft.

Headline– Make it so catchy that users will instantly click on the title. (Hook your readers) Intro– Why they should read the full article or page. (Benefits) What is XYZ– Educate about the topic Why – Why it matters How– Now how they can learn it or do it. Conclusion– Inspire them to take action (CTA) Related post-  What Is Content Writing? 5 Advanced Content Writing Skills To Learn In 2021

Here are some simple steps that you can take to improve your writing and impress people with your writing skills:

  1. A writer must not shift point of view. Stick to your concepts and thoughts.
  2. Comparing kinds of stuff are just cliches that are too ancient now. Just type down honestly without any proximity.
  3. Never ever overuse the exclamation marks, it looks weird sometimes.
  4. Overstating your article is worse. It distracts you away from your point of view.
  5. Proofreading is an essential task after completing your writing, you can eradicate unnecessary words or sentences.
  6. Try to keep paragraph shorts or it’s better to use bullets.
  7. Make a habit of reading regularly, to build your vocabulary list strong. Also, it can be useful with sentence formations.
  8. Never use double negatives.
  9. Write meticulously, avoid dangling participles.
  10. Just write it down. One of the best is pen and paper writing. Plug your earphones and keep writing.
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GIF by Carlotta Notaro Your content has to be better. It has to stand out. And it has to strike a chord with your audience and engage your influences. You can’t write that kind of content consistently off the top of your head. You need research. 1. Get to know your customers. 2. Do keyword research. 3. Test your titles. 4. Check out your competitors. 5. Monitor social media. 6. Optimize your content. 7. Read the research thoroughly.
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We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. – Anais Nin. Make mistakes, but try do not to repeat them again and again. No one expects you to be perfect, just keep improving your writing skills. Read This-  How to Become a Content Writer in India?

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