How to become a valuable digital marketer?


How to become a valuable digital marketer is an increasing topic in 2020 because of the pandemic. A challenging year for small businesses to large-scale businesses. Every individual got through it mostly!. It was also a big year for learning; 2020 had effected some significant changes—one of the biggest ways to adapt to earn money online.

More businesses move online, and they’re looking to hire well and skilled people who know how to build an online presence for a brand; still, opportunities are everywhere, but the market is quite disorganized, especially in the context of the digital market or online market, which makes it vital for you to stand out as a digital marketer in 2021.

In 2015 I was about 18 and was earning the same as a fresh graduate would by handling social media and email accounts of businesses. This kind of opportunity gives me good flexibility, and even I manage a few things in my lifestyle.  My expenses are low, and my income is high. A significant advantage is it gives me time for other exposure to life.

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If you start your digital marketing career in 2021, first, you have to exercise SWOT analysis. It’s more of a mandatory step than any other action.

Before we jump in, you need to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. It will help you in two ways:

First, it will allow you to focus on the skill you’ll be best at, profitable from, and won’t get bored doing.

Second, it will allow you to identify your weakness and address it either by learning or outsourcing them to other people who are good at them. Ask yourself, what is that one thing you would still wake up every day and do? Because digital marketing is a great field to break into because it’s so diverse, and the most crucial skill in digital marketing is writing, which I learn from my mistakes. Writing is the biggest transferable skill you can take with you from college or other professions. Be aware that writing for the internet is different from writing for your school or college. Figure out a few ways to get practice in a variety of writing styles.

I started my career as a social media marketer and email marketer because I’d run several social accounts and email accounts of a few hotels, resorts, and travel agencies. Then I got into the digital marketing agency in a nearby small city from my hometown. I learned more about content writing and marketing, WordPress setup, analytics, SEO, Facebook ads, and best practices. My initial skill got me in the gateway, and I learned about marketing as much as I could. I read so many books about businesses, marketing and other subjects of marketing.

Core components to become a valuable digital marketer-

To be a good digital marketer, you need to have a good foundation with a positive mindset. Part of that good foundation is knowing and being gifted or skilled in writing. It is not about the affected words. Writing is about knowing how to write to convert, convince and inspire. You can then learn content writing and copywriting, which are more profitable skills with SEO on hand.

As you gain digital marketing experience, you’ll realize just how much writing is involved in the process. Copywriters produce a wide range of content, including taglines, product descriptions, emails, ads, and more. They even make non-digital content like direct mail and video scripts. Content writing and copywriting may seem like the same digital marketing role. Still, you’ll see that they have two different jobs as you get started in digital marketing.

As a content writer, your focus on longer-form content pumps readers to the site and nurtures them throughout the sales cycle. They create whitepapers and case studies, blog posts, and eBooks that give information, educate, inspire and persuade readers and keep them coming back for more. 

And a copywriter’s “job” is to write persuasive copy to cause a human being to reciprocate their hard-earned money for a product or service.

Social media marketing is a massive part of digital marketing. Social media managers promote brands on all significant social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. 

Social media managers develop campaign strategies, videos, graphics, and research audience trends to get in front of the right people. It’s a job that bridges writing, design, and project management and often requires the ability to work off-hours to respond to incoming messages. Experience in digital marketing and building communities is a must by lead generation and building your email lists or building a tribe from social media.

What I learned from Deepak Kanakraju (Digital Deepak), a co-founder of pixel track and India’s top digital marketing expert and trainer. He taught that how to create email drip campaigns that effectively drive your target market down your sales funnels and encourage previous customers to come back. It’s as simple as that. If you learn and practise daily, you can make a good gig out of it and create a very healthy income stream. The most important thing is, are you willing to do this every day for the next five years? That is what all successful people in their field say that they will become good at one thing.

Email Marketing, even at the most powerful crest in Marketing, still cannot defeat email marketing regarding reliable, consistent, and increased conversions. You need to know how to optimize email marketing to either echo web and social media campaigns or nurture an existing client base. Email marketing is also great for getting new leads, which needs to be a natural, regular appearance for your website or brand.

What is the job of a Digital Marketer in companies or for online clients?

How to become a Digital marketer


Digital marketing is all about marketing; first, you have to understand marketing principles before digital marketing. The difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is to target and measure its audience where they are coming from. It gives the power of digital marketing control over conventional marketing, but traditional marketing always runs on their style. A digital marketer is responsible for several things.

Let’s go through some of the realities of Digital Marketing. A digital marker is responsible for developing and managing marketing campaigns to ensure that the organization’s goals are fulfilled. They need to create a marketing strategy, which is based on analyzing competition as well as the benchmarks within the industry. They need to drive website traffic and acquire leaves, which are then worked upon by the organization or the business. They need to utilize Analytics tools to measure and optimize a campaign, figuring out how well the campaign is doing and how they can make it better if it’s not doing well.

You don’t need any required degree to get a job in Digital Marketing. Practical experience and knowledge of marketing principles and certificates make you a conservative candidate for the job in digital marketing. Learn daily and follow the latest digital trends.

There’s no better place to get this knowledge than from experienced professionals in the field. A degree may have prepared you with the general concepts of digital marketing, such as SEM or SEO. But it’s kind of like learning how to swim or drive a vehicle from books or youtube. You’ll learn the details and statistics, but you won’t truly get a depth of water or obstacles in the road, understand the fear until you’ve dive for yourself in a swimming pool or drive the vehicle from yourself. Or you can apply for an online internship in several companies. They need fresh candidates who can handle their online presence, learn more practical, and implement their skills.

Either use the skills you already have to break into the field through freelancing and then grow as you work. When it comes to digital marketing, everyone is in a rush to see results. Digital marketing isn’t a one-time thing. It isn’t an overnight or a 30 days course. It is a marathon in marketing

Here are few tips if you want to become a valuable digital marketer and don’t have a reasonable budget to invest before getting into any college or institute.


  • Tip 1: Pick a skill that is the most comfortable & most profitable for You.

Ex- Create a social media page (FB, Instagram connect both) that you want to share or are passionate about, not what you are interested in. Do some research about which topics people are interested in or sharing on social media. And post daily something valuable.

You can use the BuzzSumo tool for social media and a few other tools in the market.


  •  Tip 2: List of skills you can choose  then learning & practice for a minimum of 30- 60 days:


  1. Content Writing and Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Email Marketing
  4. PPC Marketing (Adwords)
  5. Facebook Ads
  6. Graphic design
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Copywriting


  • Tip 3: In the future, big companies or clients will not trust you until you have done any projects before for others and give results. So start your own project and implement your skills.




Digital marketing efforts take time and expertise. Focus on long-term strategies rather than quickly specify. Maintaining your online presence requires a commitment to the continuous implementation of your digital marketing strategy. What I think is digital marketing success is a journey, not a destination. 

“Remember that success is a delusion. Your goal should be making something you believe in and making a brand yourself that will last.” To start something. Start today if you want to become a digital marketer.





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